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Spring has Sprung with the Croissants!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

I’ve been doing alot lately at home and at work, but I’ve gotten pretty lazy about recording it all…
for instance Pi Day? I made (very-rough-drafty) Lemon Meringue Shortbread…

I like the idea though, just needs some refining….

And I made some Apple Chai* Creme Caramels with Apple Chips
Apple Chai Creme Caramels

I liked these alot and made alot of them…
*Flavoring Custard is really easy if you have lots of excess tea flavors cluttering the pantry.

I also have been on the receiving end of some delicious pastries….

Martin-made Samoa Girl Scout Cookies….The best yet…A couple days later I finished the real box and just wanted these Martin-Made ones.

Back at the farm we finally found the perfect formula for the perfect Croissant, now for the consistency of perfection…

Check out those Blue Skies and Butter Laminations!


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