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Delicious Danish

This Saturday I made a batch of Danishes for the farm stand. I love making these because they are so beautiful and rich.

They get their bright yellow color from the dozen eggs in each batch, but my favorite part of them is the Orange and Cardamom flavors in each one.

The danish dough is made similar to the croissant dough, but because of the addition of fat in the eggs, the dough is much softer, making the laminations easier. When making laminated doughs the dough’s consistency should closely resemble the butter’s, so when working with a soft dough, the butter needs to also be softer, cold still, but soft. This is done by beating it slightly before making the laminations. Also because the dough is so rich the butter needs an extra boost so there is a small amount of flour added to the butter.


And baked they look even more beautiful.


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