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Misfortune Cookies!

Halloween is not my favorite holiday. That is a slight understatement, lets rephrase. I hate halloween.

I love harvest season though, and I love pastries, so I got myself in the trickery spirit and made some Misfortune cookies for a coworker’s party. (They live way, way, way up in tiny mountains of the valley around Monroe, so even looking for the property in the dark was a little bit spooky. I think I drove through 3 Christmas tree farms, 2 private properties, and asked a rabid dog where to find Earth’s Rising Farm.) The cookies were so worth it, the party was a blast, and misfortunes were had. Some of them included:


“You will lose your voice/your keys/your phone/an arm.”

“Your next meal will taste of soap.”

“Your last meal won’t come out so kindly.”

I don’t know but gluten free was probably the worst.


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