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Quince should be on everyone’s food bucket list. Raw they smell like a citrusy pineapple. Even though they are inedible raw, try them. They are very hard and relatively bland except for the tartness. When it is cooked though it will turn into a deep red, floral, fragrant, and delicious fruit. I first used the poached fruit on open-faced croissants with a pumpkin filling underneath. Flaky croissant, spiced pumpkin filling, and sweet quince. YUM! I also made a Pumpkin Quince Tart with a homemade graham cracker crust glazed with honey. ***Cool food history note: the first marmalade was made of boiled quince and honey*** Thanks Nostradamus: “Part 2 Chapter XV: To make a quince jelly of superb beauty, goodness, flavour and excellence fit to set before a King”

After I had finished using the actual fruit I reduced the remaining syrup with pulp from a vanilla bean until it was thick and bubbly. I poured the syrup over a pumpkin tart as a glaze. Quinces are so pectin rich they will almost inevitable set without any gelatin or additional pectin. They really are magical.

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