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and so the season (really really) begins

We have been open now for a few weeks for just a couple of days a week. This part of the year is so great for me, it gives me time to slowly get into full time mode. I get to practice things both at work and at home, and I have really been getting into trying new things at home in my new house (in my gas (GASP) oven)!

First was the X-Large Hostess Style Cake

Then there was the Hazelnut Honey Rhubarb Cake

Then Pi Day Happened

And most recently there has been the adventure with Spicy Coconut Chocolate Cake inspired by Food52.

I don’t think I experimented this much last year, but this year I know more gluten/glutton (what a coincidence) loving people, and these people have plenty of birthdays, and/or other excuses to eat cake, or not, because let’s face it, who actually feels an excuse is necessary. I also was new to a job, and still very new to the baking and pastry scene as a whole. This year I feel like I have found my spot to fit in at GTF, and its somewhere between sunny pastry room, and the donut fryer.

This year my goal is to develop my pastry style. What are the things I like to make? What don’t I like? Why don’t I like cooked blueberries? How can I make something with cooked blueberries that I do like? Those kind of things along with specific stuff like, mixing in things into my buerrage for croissants…Cracked Black Pepper and Gruyère Croissants? Oh that sounds lovely-yum-thank-you-much.


2 thoughts on “and so the season (really really) begins

  1. Yum! How was the Thai Coconut Chocolate cake? I’d love the rhubarb honey cake recipe and the peanut-brown butter meringues when you get a chance. Can’t wait to get back to GTF for your pastries!

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