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Whatcha been up to Ana Patty?

Well that’s a really good question.

I have been in Ireland for a few months now and we are just now calming down to a day to day rhythm. When I got here in June we were living out of suitcases and backpacks for about a month. My family came over to meet Dec. My family met Dec’s Family. My family staggered their return flights out of Dublin so it was all a blur of airports, moving, packing, hosting, ‘touristing’, driving, oh and the emotions.

This is what hosting family looks like.

I don’t know what its like to have your 23 year old daughter move to a country you’ve never been to, but now my parents do, and they would love to tell you about it. Trust me.

I am still baking here in my new home although not nearly as much as I was in Oregon for a number of reasons. Mainly, we’re on a diet. I know, “That’s ridiculous Ana, EAT A CAKE!” but really, after a summer of being quite lazy in the caravan and being overly indulgent on pure white flour scones and fondant filled licorice (I mean I could eat these for days, honestly) we needed a good break from heavy pastry. I also don’t have half of tools and pans I once had, which is cool actually. It has shown me the lack of use of most of them. The one thing I use the Kitchen Aid mixer for is cakes, and I never made many cakes anyway. When I did want to make a cake in the caravan I made a nice Nutella Raspberry Pancake Cake. I cook alot of fresh food now and still bake but it’s maybe less exciting than my old pastries on the farm. Bacon, leek, parmesan scones are on hold for now. Last night I made really delicious Whole Wheat Tortillas for Veggie Tacos. Another favorite is homemade pizzas. Dec actually said it was the best pizza he had had in his entire life.

I am slowly getting acclimated to the “food scene”. When I say that I really mean, I am realizing that there is no place on the whole globe like Gathering Together Farm. Which is ok, because there are other farms and other restaurants but none so unique as Gathering Together. I will work at one of those places one day but for now I have vowed not to work. I am doing research though, there is a fully organic restaurant in Wicklow that I would dream to work at and there are some nice new restaurants in the area that when I am able to work I know something will work out.

I just read over this blog and I have only mentioned what I am not doing. What I am doing is making a home for Dec and I. It sounds so house wifey but I didn’t move here to work, I moved here to be with Dec, so that’s what I am doing: Being. I will be the first to say how blessed I am to be able to do this. I have a family that supports my decision and Dec who supports me in every way. It helps that I am a simple person, I have a library card, and there is a ton of nice walks where we live. I make our meals thoughtfully and that brings both of us joy.

I should also mention that Dec and I are planning a ‘wedding’. We knew we were coming to Texas for Christmas and we knew we wanted to get married for both of our families. We weren’t sure which would happen first but as it turns out the waiting period for Ireland is 3 months, and we might be procrastinators. The waiting period for Texas is 3 day, 72 hours actually is how it is quantified. So Texas wins (again?). So on Christmas holidays we are having a wedding, but that’s not anything Dec or I are concerned with. We just want to be married to each other. I have never been one to dream about my wedding. I don’t have a pinterest board called “When I walk down the Aisle”. I don’t like diamond rings. I can count the number of times I have worn pearls. I own 4 dresses and the last time I wore one was over 3 months ago. This is all to say that my absolute dream wedding is the one where I get to marry Dec Murphy. My family is all there and my Momma makes my bouquet just at she always has, my sister is my maid of honor because as different as we are she is the same Patty as me, my brothers can usher my Grandma to her seat, and my Dad can walk me down the aisle. That’s it. The dresses, the ribbons, the candles, blah, blah, blah. :) So family only wedding. Then we’re having a party with anyone who wants to come. It’s a party for our favorites: friends, family, food, love, laughter, joy, and each other. IMG_20130628_110304


8 thoughts on “Whatcha been up to Ana Patty?

    • Ana Marie Patty!

      I’m so giddy and happy for you, and to hear the news! You know, you are a good writer, you could write a book there in Ireland. Love you, love reading about your day to day life. Call me when you get a chance. xoxo

    • Hi Daughter and Dec,
      Yea, we will gather soon to celebrate the best of life love, friendship and companionship on our journey. Life is an amazing gift. We are filled with joy to share with you and your friends.
      Mom and Dad.

  1. Ana, so happy for you and Dec. Can’t wait to meet him. We enjoyed catching up last time you were here and look forward to it again. Your post makes us smile. Looks like you are doing a good job “being.” Gabe and Christy

  2. Ana! So great to get an update. I may be in Texas this holiday season, though I’m not positive as to whether I’ll be in Lubbock or Austin. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we will cross paths and I can tell you congratulations. I suppose I could always plan a trip to Ireland… ;)

    <3 KP

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